GoChip is a lightweight, durable timing chip with a comfortable neoprene band that can be worn on a racer's ankle, wrist, bicycle, backpack, or just about anywhere else.

GoChips can record times up to two metres above the activation loop and at speeds up to 160km/h.

When the GoChip crosses an Activator, it stores a time and starts broadcasting to any listening devices. Activators sync their time from GPS satellites and can record a time to hundredth of a second precision.

GoChip Activators are weatherproof, easy to set up, and can operate all day on a single charge.

Most Android phones can read the times from GoChips and transmit them to our website. GoChips store their recorded times and send them when they are in range of a compatible phone - you don't need a network connection at each timing point.

Rent a GoChip timing system for your race

$2.50 / GoChip Rented in multiples of 50 chips

$100 / Activator You'll need one at each point you want to record times

Purchase a GoChip System

$60 / GoChip

$1295 / Activator

For more information or to request a demo, call us at 1-888-444-0199 or email support@zone4.ca.